New Local Spot: Penthouse 808

Penthouse 808 caught my eye while Googling for small venues to possibly host a party. Once I found out that they were having a July 4th BBQ I grabbed my sister and ventured not to far from home. It is located on the top of The Ravel Hotel in Long Island City.

Since it was a holiday, there was a prefix menu consisting of burgers, hotdogs and salads. Although they were good, I couldn’t help being a bit disappointed that I couldn’t order from their standard menu. But the drinks and service soon made up for it. However, I would suggest that you visit in the evening or on a cool day verses in the early afternoon during a heat wave lol…. They don’t have any cooling fans and sitting on leather seats in the hot sun were a bad combination. Even though I almost melted I would still go back and might even book a room for an overnight escape with my hunny 🙂









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