My Weekend was Relaxing. How was Yours?

After spending my Friday evening with friends — laughing over french fries, fried oysters, endless Patron shots and Grey Goose on the rocks with a splash of lime.

I spent my Saturday morning and afternoon rolling around in my heavenly soft Queen bed, luxuriously draped in my white linen. When my stomach ached with hunger, instead of ordering out I cooked for myself (I always find it easier to cook for others as opposed to cooking just for me). After refueling I threw on my dark shades and wandered over to my favorite couple’s new diggs and pretty much ended my Saturday night there. They’re the kind of friends you can always count on – just what a gyal like me needs.

I kicked off Sunday with a gentle walk in my favorite park. Lots of breathing, thinking, stillness and enjoying each moment. After that I was off to see my hunny and before I knew it I was back at work –but with a smile 🙂








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