A Love Note To Myself

I woke up thinking of you and couldn’t wrap my head around how blessed I am to have a person that is so willing to be apart of my life

You amaze me with how strong and soft you are. You keep surprising me with more of you and I just can’t get enough

You love so openly and are not afraid to give

Your beauty is astonishing, that smile of yours is breath-taking and your laugh relaxes each tense moment

You’re the first to volunteer and the last to leave, You make me want to be a better person and it doesn’t even matter if or what I’ve done you always manage to stick by my side.

Constantly offering gifts, kisses and hugs.

I love the taste of your breath. My love for you is in its rarest form

So eager and excited to please you and for us to continue deepening  our bond

I will always put you first, honor you, and keep your dreams and desires close.

You deserve all the universe can offer and I will make sure that nothing gets in your way. – Love Stush

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